Will my House be Searched if I File for Bankruptcy?

bankruptcy and houseMany people have the wrong idea about bankruptcy. It is not like TV where a person had their house raided after filing for bankruptcy. The good news is that this is something that rarely happens in real life.

It is important to make sure that all of the documents are filled out correctly. You will have to provide information about your bank accounts, insurance policies, household goods and vehicles. If you intentionally put false information on your documents, then you could face serious charges.

Your bankruptcy trustee will assume that the information that you put on your documents is accurate. However, they do have the option of coming to your home and seeing your assets firsthand. They can also visit any other place where you have assets. Here are some examples where a bankruptcy trustee may come to your home.

  • If the bankruptcy trustee suspects that you have put fraudulent information on your application, or that you have not listed all of your assets.
  • If the bankruptcy trustee is uncertain about the condition and value of your assets.
  • If the bankruptcy trustee has to take possession of your assets

Bankruptcy court has to give the trustee permission to inspect your assets. You and your bankruptcy trustee can come up with a convenient time for the inspection. However, the trustee can get help from the U.S. Marshall. They can break locks and open doors if necessary. They can get this order without permission from you in order to prevent you from hiding assets.

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Because bankruptcy laws can be complicated, it is easy to put the wrong information on your documents. That is why you will need the help of a Brighton Beach bankruptcy lawyer. Your Brooklyn bankruptcy lawyer will ensure that all of the forms are filled out correctly, which will minimize the chances of needing an inspection.


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