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To a great degree, our finances are determined by factors and circumstances beyond our control-from our health and our employment status to the country’s economic state and the changes taking place in world politics.


Instability in the world economy in connection with tension in political relations between Western countries and Russia, America's enormous expenditures on the struggle with terrorism, transfer of capital abroad and creation of thousands of jobs there that actively influence the growth of unemployment in the United States, the unrestrained growth of prices even on essential items—all these factors keep our country in a state of crisis. And bankruptcy, once considered the lot of failures, in our times has become a real fact of life for many solid citizens. If a heavy burden of debt has fallen on you today, you needn't be ashamed of your situation or feel guilty before your creditors. After all, they themselves insistently urged you to buy everything on credit, and it's not your fault if you can't pay your bills now.

The Congress of the United States adopted the Bankruptcy Act way back in 1800, in order to give American citizens who have suffered a downfall in their lives an opportunity to make a new start and prevail in their attempts to achieve success.

As time has shown, this alternative really is an effective way for citizens to protect themselves against creditors, and it gives them a legal opportunity to get on their feet again.

As of today, bankruptcy is a process that takes several months, at the end of which you are given a real chance to change your life for the better. So debts are not a reason to fall into panic and despair. Nadezhda Ursulova—a Brooklyn bankruptcy attorney who has practiced in the field of personal bankruptcy for more than eighteen years now—has presented the cases of many hundreds of clients in the courts, and not a single one of them has been denied bankruptcy!

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