Will a Bankruptcy Cover My Child Support Payments?

child supportIf you are considering bankruptcy and wonder if filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will exonerate you from child support payments, the answer is “no.” While filing Chapter 7 certainly frees you from virtually all of your secured credit card debt, as well as some medical bills, and other loans or payments, it does not free you from your legal responsibilities regarding child support. Brooklyn Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers deal with this issue all of the time. 

Why Isn’t Child Support Included in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The courts have long held that certain types of responsibilities cannot be stopped just because someone is unable to pay most of their debts or obligations. The courts tend to put the most value on the welfare of underaged children. So you will still have to keep up your child support payments if you are making these payments required by the court. 

Advantages to Filing Bankruptcy

You may wonder what the advantage is to filing for bankruptcy if it won’t cover your child support payments when you are having trouble making them on time. Below are some of the benefits to filing for bankruptcy if you have exhausted other means to get your finances in order. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Brooklyn, NY can help you use bankruptcy to your best advantage such as: 

  • It frees you of all or most of your secured credit card debt.
  • It may forgive certain types of personal loans or indebtedness.
  • It can keep you from paying thousands of dollars in late fees and interest.
  • It may help you have a clean slate with creditors to rebuild your credit.

How a Bankruptcy Attorney May Help

If you find yourself in a situation where even bankruptcy doesn’t help you make ends meet because of a child support payment issue, you need to take the step to visit Brooklyn Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Brooklyn, NY have the skills, experience, and expertise to help you build a case to protect you from legal action in the event you fall behind in child support payments and other fiduciary responsibilities. 

Is it worth it?

You may be thinking of filing for bankruptcy but feel that it won’t help you since you can’t include child support payments. But in reality, you will have more money to use for child support if you are free of all of your other obligations that are taking such a substantial portion of your paycheck each month. Also, you will not owe the huge financial fees and interest that accrue each month from credit cards that you will still be legally responsible for on your own. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Brooklyn NY can help.

In addition to filing for bankruptcy though, you may still need help from Brooklyn Bankruptcy Lawyers to help you put a more detailed plan into place to show your willingness to comply with the important child support payments that you have an obligation to fulfill. Then, once you get your finances in order, we can also help you remove the bankruptcy in a few years, as well. 

A lot of people panic when they hear the word “bankruptcy.” But it’s not a sign of failure. It is a legal move.

Filing for bankruptcy may also show your current financial status and the difficulties you are already having meeting basic obligations. This may prove to help your case if you have to defend yourself for missing child support payments. It shows that you are already struggling and unable to meet all obligations and need to have a specific plan that you are able to manage on a monthly basis.

This action may actually help both sides of a child support issue because once established, there is a plan that both sides have agreed to and can rely on each and every month, rather than a hit-and-miss payment attempt which will often land you back in court with more fines. 

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