Who can view your Bankruptcy Record?

bankruptcy recordOne of the most challenging financial situations that someone may have to deal with is declaring a personal bankruptcy. While most people have very good intentions with their personal finances, there are situations in which declaring bankruptcy is a necessity. If you do declare bankruptcy, it is important to realize that this will be a record that some people will be able to see in the future. This is why you should get the professional advice of a Brighton Beach bankruptcy lawyer.


One group of people that will be able to see your bankruptcy record in the future are your creditors. When you declare bankruptcy, the record will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years. While your credit score could recover sooner than this if you manage your credit properly, the bankruptcy could continue to pose some challenges in the future. This could make it hard to qualify for certain types of loans.


Many employers today include a bankruptcy search in their background check process. When you fill out an application for a job, you will likely be required to answer whether or not you have filed in the past. Furthermore, the employers will likely notice a bankruptcy record on your credit report if they pull it. Depending on the type of job that you are applying for, this could something that the employer will frown upon when they are reviewing your application and considering hiring you for the job.

Since bankruptcy can be complicated, and the results can stay on your record for quite a long time, it would be a good idea for those that are in the area to hire a lawyer. When you hire bankruptcy lawyers in Brooklyn NY or Brighton Beach, such as Ursulova Law, you can receive a variety of services to ensure that process goes as smoothly as possible and that the outcome is as positive as it can be. When hiring an attorney you clearly want the best bankruptcy lawyer Brighton Beach has to offer. Residents can be assured that their records will be properly protected, and their case will be handled with the greatest care.


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