Is It Better to File Bankruptcy at the Beginning of the Year?

filing a bankruptcyThe choice to file bankruptcy can be an uneasy, but necessary, one. People who have to use this form of debt relief may wonder when the best time of year to file for bankruptcy is. Before doing any work related to filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy law firm in Brooklyn NY should be contacted. Brighton Beach bankruptcy lawyers have the information you need to make the best decision about filing bankruptcy. This includes when to file and which category is best for you. The lawyers at the Ursulova Law Offices specialize in bankruptcy and will help you every step of the way.

Should You File Bankruptcy At The Beginning Of The Year?
There are a number of benefits related to filing bankruptcy at the beginning of the year. The choice to do so can help you with getting a fresh start from the debt you have. To get more detail on how these benefits work, it is best to work with Brighton Beach bankruptcy lawyers. These incentives include:

•Adding pre-petition debt in the application. This means debt even from the last week of December can be added to the bankruptcy petition.

•Including holiday debt. The holidays can create hefty expenses, but this can also be added to a bankruptcy petition when done at the beginning of the year.

•Stopping you from incurring more debt. As you are applying for bankruptcy, you should refrain from using credit cards or incurring any other type of debt. This makes it look like you don’t need bankruptcy and that you are carelessly spending.

This process is complex to navigate and should only be done with the legal assistance of a bankruptcy law firm in Brooklyn NY.

As the new year approaches, don’t wait to file bankruptcy. Contact the Ursulova Law Offices for a consultation to learn how we can assist you in this matter.

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