How Do I File for Bankruptcy if I Can’t Afford to Pay a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

cannot afford to pay a bankruptcy lawyerAre you in a position where you may soon be forced to file for bankruptcy? If so, it’s an excellent idea to hire the services of Brooklyn bankruptcy attorneys. Even if you are already so broke that you don’t think you can afford attorney fees, there are still solutions to be found.

What Can You Do if You Need to File and Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

The first thing you should do is schedule a free consultation with a firm of Brooklyn bankruptcy attorneys. This is an excellent way to get the info you need to be better informed as to what your next move needs to be.

You may be able to borrow money to pay your lawyer from friends, family members, or your employer. This loan can be repaid later after you have hired a lawyer to handle your primary debts during your bankruptcy process.

It may be advisable to consider stopping payments on certain debts that will end up getting wiped out in the process of bankruptcy. You can save this money in order to pay your attorney more promptly.

You may be able to hire a bankruptcy attorney who will agree to handle creditor calls on your behalf while you pay your fees over an agreed upon period of time.

You may also wish to consider filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This way, you will be able to pay your lawyer fees during the course of your repayment plan.

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