Filing Bankruptcy Do’s And Don’ts

 “Filing Bankruptcy Do’s And Don’ts” is locked 	 Filing Bankruptcy Do’s And Don’tsWhen you decide to file for bankruptcy, many questions are running through your mind. Along with wondering about the implications to your finances, you will also be wondering about the specific steps involved in the bankruptcy process and which ones you should or should not do along the way. To ensure you make the right decisions, it is always best to consult Brighton Beach bankruptcy lawyers who are experienced in these matters, such as those at the Ursulova Law Offices.

Do Tell Your Lawyer All Financial Details
When filing bankruptcy, always tell your lawyers from bankruptcy law firms in Brooklyn NY all details about your finances. This is critical, since any property or other assets not listed on your bankruptcy petition will not be discharged by the court.

Do Not Transfer Money or Property
If you think transferring money or property to your relatives or friends will allow you to hide these assets from creditors, bankruptcy law firms in Brooklyn NY will tell you to think again. In these cases, the trustee will ask about these assets during the first meeting with creditors, and will have the legal authority to recover any assets in question.

Do Be Honest and Cooperative
If you lie during bankruptcy proceedings, you are only making a bad situation worse. Since this is against the law, additional legal action may be taken against you. Instead of letting this happen, always cooperate fully with your Brighton Beach bankruptcy lawyers.

Do Not Talk to Creditors
If your creditors want to talk with you during bankruptcy proceedings, refer them instead to your attorney. By doing so, you eliminate the risk of saying or doing something that could be detrimental to your case.

When filing bankruptcy, always turn to attorneys who have experience in these matters. Therefore, schedule an immediate consultation with the legal professionals at the Ursulova Law Offices.

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