Credit Counseling Requirements: NY Bankruptcy

bankruptcy counseling
If you are facing bankruptcy, it can be quite a challenge. After all, there are many hurdles that the government requires you to take before you can do it successfully. One thing you should know more about is credit counseling. Here is information on what it is, who needs to take it, and when you should take this program:

What is the Credit Counseling Program?

This a NY program that is designed to help you better understand your finances and credit. It is intended to educate you so that in the future you do not end up in the same financial situation as before.

When Do You Take This Program?

Before you file for bankruptcy in New York, you must take a credit counseling course. Once you have received your certificate, you can then file your bankruptcy petition. You cannot do it in the reverse order.

Who Takes the Credit Counseling Program?

Anyone wishing to file for bankruptcy must take the program. However, there are certain exceptions. If you are in the military on active duty or if you are impaired in any way and cannot complete the course, you do not have to take it.

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You don’t need to feel like you are out of options if you file for bankruptcy. It is actually a situation that you can recover from. However, the key is to have the right people on your side. So be sure to get the professionals working for you. That way, you can put your financial goals back on track for now and the long term.

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