5 Questions to Ask your Bankruptcy Attorney

bankruptcy attorneyWhen your finances are in serious trouble, a Brooklyn Bankruptcy Attorney can help you determine the best course of action. When you meet with your attorney, it’s important to ask the right questions so that you have the information you need to help you use the bankruptcy process to get your life back on track.


1. What types of bankruptcy am I eligible to file?

There are several ways to file for bankruptcy. There are rules that determine eligibility for each type of filing. Be sure to ask your attorney what your options are and what the pros and cons are for each type of filing.


2.  What can I discharge in bankruptcy?

With each type of bankruptcy, there are certain types of debt that aren’t dischargeable. Child support, alimony and student loans are examples of debts that don’t go away after any type of bankruptcy. When you’re deciding whether to file and how to file, knowing the rules that apply to each type of debt can help you make the right choices.


3.  What do I need to do to make my bankruptcy proceeding successful?

Making sure your filing goes smoothly requires detailed paperwork. You must provide information about your living expenses, financial transactions and income. It’s important to know what you’re getting into and make sure you’re willing and able to do what’s required to succeed in bankruptcy court.


4.  Are there any exemptions that might apply to my case?

Even when you file for bankruptcy, there are some types of property you can keep. You can claim a home or other residence up to a certain amount. You can keep personal items and a small amount of savings. Knowing these exemptions can help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you, and it can help you structure your finances for the best possible result.


5.  How can an attorney help me?

Having a bankruptcy attorney by your side can make the process easier. The attorneys at Ursulova Law Offices can help you choose the correct type of filing and help you ensure that you don’t make errors that can hurt your case. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer has the experience and skills to guide you through a difficult process.


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