What is a No-Fault Claim? Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

lawyer for no fault claimCertain occupations have issues associated with their practice that can result in being sued for their professional actions due to no fault of their own. This is particularly true for medical treatment professionals when people come seeking help that may or may not be provided. This can even apply to medical malpractice claims when the treatment professional uses the proper technique to address a problem that does not yield the expected result. While many times the assertions made by plaintiffs are valid, many claims are effectively frivolous issues that are ultimately time-consuming problems for medical professionals, reducing the amount of time they have for treating patients. This situation alone makes retaining an experienced no-fault bankruptcy law firm in Brooklyn NY like Ursulova Law Offices a necessity for a successful outcome.

Resolving a No-Fault Dispute

While some no-fault legal actions are eventually decided in court, the truth is that most issues are settled through alternative dispute methods. Cases may begin in mediation with all parties airing their grievances and positions regarding the issue. However, when an agreement between the parties cannot be reached, our Brighton Beach no-fault bankruptcy lawyers at Ursulova Law Offices will typically request arbitration as the ultimate method of settlement.

Arbitration Advantages

Mediation works well in certain cases such as divorce or a business dissolution, but arbitration can present a few advantages when defending against a no-fault claim. Arbitration is effectively an application of the law based on the facts brought forward by all parties involved. A designated New York magistrate will rule on the issue and very little testimony will be allowed. Arbitration in this respect is an administrative court procedure. We know all of the magistrates in the New York area, which means we also have a solid understanding of how they view the law and what will influence their decisions regarding the facts.

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Never allow a frivolous claim against your practice to go undefended because there are alternatives in settling the issue. Call Ursulova Law Offices no-fault bankruptcy law firm in Brooklyn NY for solid legal representation in your no-fault matter.

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