What is a No-Fault Case? Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

need a lawyerNew York is a state that has no-fault laws. These laws impact personal injury cases that come about as a result of car accidents. If you are injured in a road accident, it’s important to hire a personal injury attorney if you plan to file a claim for compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. No-fault laws can sometimes be complex, which makes having a lawyer so important.

The general idea behind no-fault laws means that if you are found to be a certain percentage responsible for the accident that led to your injury, you will essentially forgo that amount you’re claiming in your lawsuit. In other words, if you had an accident with another driver who ran a red light but you were speeding, you might be found 10 percent at fault while the other driver is 90 percent to blame. As a result, if you were claiming $10,000 in your personal injury suit, your portion of $1,000 would be deducted from that if your claim is successful. You would only recover $9,000 in compensation.

At the same time, no-fault laws in New York prefer that each driver recovers their damages directly from their own insurance company. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding your situation, you may also file a claim against the other driver to recover the damages.

In addition to drivers, the no-fault law also applies to pedestrians, passengers and bicycle riders in New York. Passengers in vehicles that get into accidents are required to file a no-fault application with the insurance company of the at-fault driver, while pedestrians and cyclists must go through their own insurance coverage.

Getting into an accident is never a matter to take lightly. If you have been injured by another driver and want to file a personal injury claim in New York, you need Ursulova Law Offices on your side. The Brooklyn no-fault lawyers will protect your interests every step of the way. Contact Brooklyn no-fault lawyers at Ursulova Law Offices at your earliest convenience.

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