No-Fault Hearings: What to Expect

No-Fault CaseWhen many people have a dispute, they believe their first option is to file a lawsuit and find their way into a courtroom. However, many cases can be resolved through no-fault arbitration. Though no two cases are ever exactly alike, solving a dispute through no-fault arbitration does offer several advantages. If you are involved in a dispute that you would like to get resolved as quickly as possible, turn to no-fault attorneys in Brooklyn at the Ursulova Law Offices for assistance.

Faster Timeline
When you file a lawsuit and pursue litigation, it may take several years to fully resolve your case. However, no-fault arbitration has a much faster timeline. Since your case will not be heard in a formal courtroom, you have the ability to present your case without waiting for the court docket to clear. Should you decide to pursue this legal option, consult with a Brighton Beach NY no-fault law firm as soon as possible.

More Control over Decision-Making

While in a courtroom you will be at the mercy of a judge and jury, a no-fault hearing has none of this. Instead, you can simply sit down with the other party and attorneys for both sides and reach a decision that will benefit everyone involved. Though you may still be required to offer testimony at a no-fault hearing, it is done so in a much less formal manner than a courtroom. Nevertheless, you will still have your attorney by your side at all times, and can ask for assistance and advice from them whenever necessary. To ensure you have experienced and knowledgeable legal professionals on your side, work with a Brighton Beach NY no-fault law firm such as the Ursulova Law Offices.

To have full confidence heading into your no-fault hearing, schedule a consultation with no-fault attorneys in Brooklyn at the Ursulova Law Offices as soon as possible.

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