No-Fault Appeals Through Arbitration

arbitrationNew York drivers are required to have no-fault coverage as part of their automobile insurance policies. This coverage provides the right to have medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses incurred as a result of an accident paid by the insurance provider. Sometimes an insurance provider refuses to pay this coverage. When this occurs, you should seek out the assistance of the Brooklyn NY arbitrators from Ursulova Law Offices.

What can you do if your no-fault claim has been denied or ignored?
If you have made a claim for no-fault coverage with an insurance company and that claim has either been denied or ignored, then you have the right to take legal action. One option that you can pursue is arbitration.

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process that is less complex and expensive than traditional litigation in the courts. Through arbitration, you will have the opportunity to present information to support the validity of your claim and challenge the inaction of the insurance provider. At the conclusion of arbitration, you will receive a decision that either grants your request or confirms the insurance company’s decision.

What information can be submitted at arbitration?
During arbitration, you should be prepared to submit any documentation, records and other information that supports your claim. This may include medical bills, medical records, doctor notes, diagnostic reports, communications with the insurance provider, photographs, and anything else that could be relevant to show your injuries and expenses.

How can an attorney help?
An attorney that is experienced with no-fault claims and arbitration can help you gather the necessary documentation and prepare for the arbitration. An attorney from our Bankruptcy law firm in Brighton Beach can help you develop a strategy for arbitration. The Brooklyn NY arbitrators from our Bankruptcy law firm in Brighton Beach are experienced with no-fault claims and know what it takes to achieve results. Contact Ursulova Law Offices to learn more about how we can help with your claim.

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