How Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Job?

bankruptcyYou might hesitate to file bankruptcy for fear of negatively affecting your job. Your employer might find out that you’ve filed but filing usually does not affect current employment. However, it can affect future employment. If you are concerned about employment issues, speak with a Brooklyn bankruptcy lawyer before you decide to file.

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Cause Job Termination

Your employer cannot fire you for filing bankruptcy. The employer also cannot use your filing as an excuse to change the conditions or terms of your employment. That means your salary, position, hours, and responsibilities should remain the same.

If you’re unjustly terminated soon after filing bankruptcy, then you might have a case of illegal bankruptcy discrimination. A bankruptcy lawyer in Brooklyn can review the situation and tell you how to proceed.

How Bankruptcy Affects Job Prospects

Federal, state, and local government agencies cannot consider bankruptcy when making hiring decisions. But private employers are free to do so. This is mostly an issue with jobs dealing with money. If you have filed bankruptcy, you are unlikely to land that job in payroll, accounting, or as a bank teller. Carefully consider how filing will affect your career prospects.

Most private employers do a credit check as part of the interview process. Since bankruptcy appears on the credit report, the employer will certainly see it. You could refuse to consent to the credit check, but that means the employer will not hire you anyway. In these types of situations, it is best to speak honestly about your situation. Let the employer know upfront that you filed, and perhaps your honesty will increase your employment chances.

Seek Professional Guidance

Bankruptcy lawyers in Brooklyn NY can help you decide if filing is in your best interest. They can point out all the pros and cons associated with the situation. And if you have experienced discrimination because of a past bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer at Ursulova Law Offices can help you.









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