Examinations Under Oath: How They Affect Your No-Fault Case

drivercovered in insuranceIn New York, drivers must have no-fault insurance coverage. This is intended to cover expenses incurred in an accident, including medical expenses. When a person carries no-fault coverage, then the insurer is supposed to pay expenses to the applicable provider.

If a claim has been made against an insurance carrier for no-fault coverage and there is suspicion that the claim may be fraudulent or false, then the insurance provider can request an examination under oath. The examination under oath allows the insurance provider to question the claimant and physician under oath about the claim. If you are subjected to an examination under oath, then you should seek out representation from the Brooklyn NY no-fault attorneys at Ursulova Law Offices.

What could you be asked during an examination under oath?
During the examination under oath, an attorney from the insurance provider will ask you questions that may be relevant to the claim. This may include personal information about you, your finances, details from the claim, medical history, and anything else that could be pertinent to your particular claim.

What happens if you refuse to participate?
If you refuse to show up for an examination under oath or if you do not answer the questions that are posed, then it could be grounds for denial of the claim. If this has occurred, then you should consult with an attorney about what options may be available.

How can an attorney help?
If you are seeking no-fault coverage, then it is important that you understand your rights and seek out an attorney to protect them. A denial of a claim for no-fault coverage can result in the expense becoming your own responsibility, which can be expensive and burdensome.

To ensure that you receive the benefit of no-fault coverage and do not have issues with an examination under oath, contact Ursulova Law Offices to speak with one of our Brooklyn NY no-fault attorneys.

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