Bankruptcy Plan interrupted by Quarantine and Lay Off? What can you do?

layoffBefore the pandemic began, you may have been able to make your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments without any problem. You could keep up with the court order to pay the trustee every month and avoid having your case be compromised by your lack of finances.

However, when the pandemic caused you to lose your job, you worry that your bankruptcy case will be thrown out and your debts reinstated. You can find out what your options are for keeping the case in place by hiring an experienced bankruptcy law firm in Brooklyn NY like the Ursulova Law Offices today.

Finding Out Your Legal Options

The loss of your job came from circumstances that you could not control. You had no way of knowing that the pandemic would negatively impact your job and your ability to continue making Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments.

Your attorney can work quickly to notify the court that you have lost your job and your source of income. If necessary, your legal team can ask the court for a temporary stay of the order to make payments until you start working again.

Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could be eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This case asks the court to liquidate your debts and spare you from having to make payments to the trustee. It resolves your debts in a faster manner than Chapter 13.

This chapter of bankruptcy can also spare any relief payments that you get from the pandemic like your stimulus check and unemployment benefits. You could gain a new start to your finances in spite of the pandemic.

Find out more about what your options are for making bankruptcy payments during the pandemic by contacting a bankruptcy law firm in Brooklyn NY. Call the Ursulova Law Offices to set up a consultation today.

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